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Nathaniel Gadsden has been a published writer for the past 30 years. Nate has written the official poems for Mayor Stephen R. Reed, The Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts, and named Poet Laureate for the City of Harrisburg, PA.

In 1977, Nate founded the Writers Wordshop. He is currently the Director and the principle trainer for the after school program.

The Wordshop was created to develop a platform for Poets and Writers to share their works, meet each other, and to publish their work. The Wordshop has become a forum for exploring issues, realities, myths, statistics, and rhetoric. Nate facilitates students in the creation of their works of art, from the mind to pen and paper.

The Wordshop helps Writers and Poets to find their voice, gain confidence, and allows for publication. Students, of the Wordshop, have become known for their work and are often asked to be a participant in events throughout the area.

Persons of all ages and races are welcome to join the Writers Wordshop meetings. The Writers Wordshop offers poetry readings, book discussions, and publishing opportunities.

Video of Special Poet Readings at Writer's Wordshop, February 22, 2013

Writers Wordshop meetings:
Open readings every Friday evening 7:00 - 9:00 pm (except the 3rd Friday of each month), at the Midtown Scholar Bookstore, 3rd and Verbeke Streets, Harrisburg, PA. All ages are welcome to attend. Readings are free to the public. For more information contact Nathaniel Gadsden (717) 608-2312.

Writers Wordshop Meeting

Is your school or organization interested in Poetry?
Nathaniel Gadsden is available for readings and workshops in schools, churches, community centers and universities.

The Wordshop Speakers Bureau is a professional organization for persons that want to improve their public speaking ability. These individuals may want to simply improve their skills, or they may be persons that want to be represented by the Wordshop to go on a professional speaking tour. The Speakers Bureau is free to join. To be listed in the speakers bureau directory will require a fee. The directory will be made available on the internet and in booklet form.

The Book Review and Discussion will look at one book a month. All members will be encouraged to read the same book and hold weekly discussions about the book during that month.

The Spoken Word Theater will be an interactive open poetry reading forum. Poets and actors will have an opportunity to perform their original works or works by other writers on a weekly basis.